Just like at home, each room at our school has a purpose.


Art Room

The art room is a place to explore art materials daily but also so much more. Squish playdough, practice writing skills at the writing table or dump sand in the sensory table. This room is made for exploration and wonder and dreaming.






Block room

In the block room we have tons of blocks, wooden, plastic and everything in between. There are people, cars, and various animals to add to the block play. Book nook and cozy chair to listen to stories. Trains and lots of tracks to build with. And a light-table to add to the building fun and wonderful construction zone.








Stage room

With a cozy house area, lots of manipulatives and puzzles, science area, and the biggest preschool book collection in town the learning never stops in this fun exciting space. We use this area for group-times as well as the rest of the day.









Outside Yard

We have a large open outside area, plenty of room to run, dig, and explore. We even have a garden plot that the school co-op families and children help maintain.