Outdoor Adventures

Last summer when we realized the Covid crisis was not easing up enough to let our school return to indoor classes, we held a special board meeting. How could our beloved preschool continue? The answer: we would adapt! We bought rain gear and wool socks. We came up with systems for outdoor warm water handwashing and contactless sign in. We bought a mud kitchen and more outdoor toys. We put together a storage shed and we built a climbing structure from pallets. With the guidance of our Bates Instructor and the WA Health Department, and the unflappable gumption of Teacher Diana, we became an outdoor preschool! For many families the nature time at NOD has been a much needed balm to the soul in these difficult times. Watching our kids playing together, splashing in the puddles, building with blocks of wood, hiding plastic animals in the garden, and painting at the outdoor easel has added levity to our days, even the rainy ones.



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