Meet Teacher Diana

Meet the Amazing Teacher Diana!

~A Special Note From Mrs. Wendlandt~

Hi my name is Diana Wendlandt (Teacher Diana to the children) and I am the teacher at NOD Cooperative Preschool. I am 45 years old. I am half German, was born in Heidelberg Germany, and can speak German. I have been married for over 19 years to my husband Patrick and I’m mother of two wonderful, fun, boys Brady age 16 and Garret age 13. We live in North Tacoma and love our neighborhood and town. Our family has a cute English bulldog named Henry and he’s spoiled rotten, and a cat named Riddle.

I have over 20 years of experience teaching preschool and an AA degree in Early Childhood Education from Green River Community College. I value play based learning and Reggio inspired teaching with young children. I enjoy collaborating with the children in the classroom and try to help guide them in their learning by listening, responding and reciprocating their thoughts and ideas in the process of learning, wondering, and thinking. I try hard to promote child centered learning and help guide children to explore, question, investigate, and create. I enjoy nature and try to bring lots of natural elements into the classroom and love showing children how beautiful nature is outside as well.

I implement culturally relevant, anti-bias and developmentally appropriate practices in the classroom. I try hard to be creative and positive teacher and have a fun learning environment for both children and adults. I am very experienced in open-ended art, expressive reading, and guiding children with scientific inquiry. I enjoy opening their eyes to their world, and creating a lifelong love for learning, wondering, and exploring. I want to become a positive part of your families and children’s lives and I work hard to create meaningful open communication throughout the year.

Play with purpose:

Our play is purposeful here in the classroom at NOD co-op we use Bates community college as well as NAYEC guidelines for best practices of a developmentally appropriate curriculum. We believe that children learn best through hands-on experiences in a child-initiated atmosphere, as opposed to a primarily teacher-directed setting.

Learning through play may lead many parents to assume that we have a non-academic program, because they don’t see the more traditional school activities such as flash cards, worksheets or rote learning. Nothing is here by accident. Our classroom is designed to teach. It is purposeful, and the activities, games, and toys are chosen to enhance the children’s skills and experiences.  In the classroom you will see academics but done in a very different way. By using the Six Domains of Early Childhood learning throughout our school.

Here are some examples of academic topics that you will see in class each day that may not be obvious at first glance:

Developmental Goals Activities & Examples
Letter Recognition cubby names, name cards, item labels, sign-in sheets, writing table, repetitive stories, flannel board stories
Literacy library center, story time, books throughout the school, lending library, portfolio writing
Math Skills calendar, counting, games, manipulatives, counting songs, block building, sorting activites
Science / STEM science area, natural materials, outdoor play, field trips, block areas, manipulatives
Art / Fine Motor art experiences, paint easel, play-doh table, painting, scissors, writing, manipulatives
Social / Emotional snack time, waiting, turn taking, group time, conflict resolution and cooperation, during parallel and cooperative play opportunities
Self-help / Adaptive handwashing, asking for help, snack time, dress-up time, putting on coats and shoes