Looking for Rainbows

When the corona virus started to hit our community in early March, NOD Co-op acted swiftly to adjust to the quickly changing directives and keep our families safe. Under the umbrella of Bates Technical College our school received protocols for extra hand washing and wiping of surfaces with strong bleach solution. We postponed our annual auction to limit large gatherings (and later transferred the whole thing online). Taking direction from Tacoma Public Schools we closed our classes in mid March.

Our resourceful and amazing Teacher Diana quickly moved to an online format hosting tri-weekly YouTube storytimes, and weekly zoom social hours to give our families a sense of structure and connection in these strange times. She began putting together weekly art supply grab bags for parents to pick up in front of the school, and she also began issuing weekly newsletters announcing a fun theme for the week. Each newletter is full of links to songs and lots of art, craft, and science activities to keep our little ones engaged. Boy are we thankful for Teacher Diana!

For our first week of home preschool, Teacher Diana sent us looking for rainbows. NOD students found rainbows indoors and out and even created some themselves through the magic of art and science. What a lovely metaphor for trying times.

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