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Introducing Jovial, a new web-based program for cooperative preschools! Jovial tracks enrollment, tuition and fees, and more on a family-centered model. Written and developed by a computer guru who wanted to simplify his job as Treasurer at his co-op preschool in California, it quickly took off as it filled a need for co-ops across the country.

This will be our second school year using Jovial at NOD since adopting it in 2016. It has been amazing for streamlining Treasurer and Membership tasks, and (finally!) providing an easy and secure option for families to pay tuition by credit card or bank draft.

Near the end of each month, each NOD family will receive an email reminder from Jovial that serves as your Tuition Bill for the month. You can write a check for the amount due. OR, to pay online, click the hyperlink in the email, which takes you to your personal Family Portal on Jovial (no password – just a link that works for 30 days). From the portal you can look at current balance due (plus billing history and future charges). Your family’s contact information, email preferences, child’s allergies, and class roster is available from the portal as well, so it’s worth checking out!

– Erica Coutsouridis

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