Meet Our Amazing Teacher Diana Wendlandt!

~A Special Note From Mrs. Wendlandt~

Hi my name is Diana Wendlandt (Teacher Diana to the children) and I am the teacher at North Orchard DeLong Cooperative Preschool. I am 42 years old. I am half German, was born in Heidelberg Germany, and can speak German. I have been married for over 15 years to my husband Patrick and I’m mother of two wonderful, fun, boys Brady age 13 and Garret age 10. We live in North Tacoma and love our neighborhood and town. Our family has a cute English bulldog named Henry and he’s spoiled rotten, and a gecko named Leoparde, which may come visit our class if I can talk my younger son into it!

I have over 16 years of experience teaching preschool and an AA degree in Early Childhood Education from Green River Community College. I value play based learning and Reggio inspired teaching with young children. I enjoy collaborating with the children in the classroom and try to help guide them in their learning by listening, responding and reciprocating their thoughts and ideas in the process of learning, wondering, and thinking. I try hard to promote child centered learning, through the use of classroom arrangement and show children’s growth and the learning process through documentation and portfolio’s. I help guide children to explore, question, investigate, and create. I enjoy nature and try to bring lots of natural elements into the classroom and love showing children how beautiful nature is outside as well.

I implement culturally relevant, anti-bias and developmentally appropriate practices in the classroom. I try hard to be creative and positive teacher and have a fun learning environment for both children and adults. I am very experienced in open-ended art, expressive reading, and guiding children with scientific inquiry. I enjoy opening their eyes to their world, and creating a lifelong love for learning, wondering, and exploring. I want to become a positive part of your families and children’s lives and I work hard to create meaningful open communication throughout the year. She is also responsible for bringing┬áthe Reggio Educational philosophy to North Orchard-Delong Co-Operative Preschool.